Scientific name: Lepus europaeus 
This lovely animal is in the fast lane, it can reach speeds of up to 45mph when evading predators, and photographers!! This makes them Britain’s fastest land mammal. 
Hares prefer a mix of farmland and woodland habitats and can be often spotted running in open fields usually in small groups but for most of the time they are solitary animals. 
They do not dig burrows but lie on the ground or grass in a shallow depression which is called a “Form”. Their colour and ability to lie still makes them almost impossible to see. 
They live between 2 – 4 years and can weigh up to 5kg. 
The hare in the photo above was taken in Sussex in February and although there was a heavy snow fall all day, the hares were out most of the day playing and foraging. I was definitely a lot colder than they were. 
Fascinating Fact: Female hares are known as “Jill” and male hares are known as “Jack” When hares box in the Spring it is usually Jill fending off Jack. 
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